Body and Movement, Accessing Wellbeing
For February’s Anchor Event, a wonderful wellbeing panel made up of healers and physical therapy practitioners - Susi O'Rourke from So-Caring, Jillian from Grass Roots Remedies and Fireweed Collective, Emma (AKA Little Miss Mindset) of Endo Warriors Westlothian, and reiki practitioner Bettina - came together with CWC member Chantal to create a beautiful day of accessibility and healing. The day began with a free community meal courtesy of Chantal of Queen Vital, who offered us a rainbow of healthy dishes designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. As people were invited to interact with the food, choosing from a range of tasty fillings for raw tacos, we engaged every sense, tried new things and found understandings of what is right for our bodies and how to access it. She even prepared a creamy coconut chia pudding and smoothies for dessert!

We were then invited to choose a healing crystal as we settled into a wonderfully cozy and peaceful atmosphere created by Emma La Vin of Little Miss Mindset, who introduced us to some empowering breathwork exercises that we could use to re-centre and reconnect with our bodies. We listened to healing frequencies as she guided us through a meditation evoking themes from nature to bring us clarity and peace.

Relaxed and refreshed, we then gathered for a panel discussion with Susi, Jillian, Emma and Bettina and chaired by CWC member Josie on the subject of addressing the systems of inequality that can make wellbeing practices and treatments difficult to access, and how we can collectively work towards a world where wellbeing truly is for all. The discussion was collaborative and illuminating as the panel explored ways to overcome financial and physical barriers to self care. It was particularly interesting to reflect on how the relationship between wellbeing practitioners and the people they care for can be mutually healing. We finished by forming smaller groups in order to consider what a world with free access to wellbeing might look like, and what action would need to be taken in order to build it, before sharing our thoughts with others in the room.

We were then invited to enjoy a warming mug of homemade herbal tea as we swapped words of wisdom with one another; each cup of tea was gratefully given and received with a handwritten note containing a valuable piece of advice or affirmation related to wellbeing. Alternative and physical therapies were then made available to all, as the discussion panel dispersed to share their healing gifts with us. Some people received a relaxing aromatherapy hand scrub and massage, while others experienced a relaxing reflexology sequence or reiki session. Endometriosis information was also made available for those who wanted to learn more.

CWC member Raymond then hosted an open mic themed “Breathe the Open Space”. Several people who were visiting the Space for the first time took to the stage to share their singing voices with us, which was truly special. We enjoyed music from all around the world and were encouraged to get up and dance at various points before rounding off the evening with a group sing-along of classic ballads. It was a beautiful way to connect with our community.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Anchor Event: Imagining a World Without Police and Prisons, this Saturday the 25th March from 1pm-7pm, where we’ll be enjoying both hearing and writing stories of freedom with Jj Fadaka and Phil Crockett Thomas before moving on to exploring what goes into the creation of a safe community joined by SACRO, CREW2000 and Edinburgh Anti Raids.

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