De-escalation Training

The Community Wellbeing Collective are a group of people living in and connected to Wester Hailes, Edinburgh who work collectively to run a Community Wellbeing Space in the heart of Wester Hailes. The area we work in has a history and present of violence and high rates of drug and alcohol use, it is also a very diverse space and one that is accessed by people who are sometimes in distress. Within this context we create a space of safety and work with principles of compassion, non-judgement and respect.

We have developed our own de-escalation policy and training, which we have refined through the public running of our space. Everyone who works in the space is trained in de-escalation, which raises confidence and the ability to de-escalate, and respond, to a range of situations.

We recognise each organisation is different and our trainings are designed for an organisation to:

  • Draw out and share the skills and knowledge people already have.

  • Become trained in the practical application of rapid de-escalation models to situations they are likely to encounter.

  • Develop an understanding of their own deescalation principles while being professional and maintaining boundaries.

  • Grow confidence and ability to create and sustain safe environments.

  • As an added extra we can assist and write a deescalation policy that is unique to your team and the context you work in.

  • With our experience being a social practice arts organisation running a community wellbeing space, our trainings are especially relevant for people working within community work and the arts. Our rates are dependant on exactly what you are looking for, though our standard rate for a 3 hour training would be £900, for up to 15 staff.

    Though we always operate in solidarity and are flexible if this is not possible within the budgets your organisation has available.

    Community Wellbeing Space,
    Westside Plaza Shopping Centre,
    Wester Hailes Road, EH14 2SW

    All activities are FREE
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