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Opening times:
Thur: 2pm - 7pm
Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat: 12pm - 7pm
*All activities are FREE - unless stated otherwise*

Community Wellbeing Space,
Westside Plaza Shopping Centre,
Wester, Hailes Road, EH14 2SW

We aim to foster a welcoming space, where hosts and the community are caring towards each others access needs, flexibility and care needed.

This is a sober space and we can only welcome under 18s if they are accompanied by an adult.

Currently we use whiteboards to scribe during talks and workshops when possible.

There are quiet spaces and places to sit outdoors.

Wheelchairs can enter the venue which is all on the ground floor.

After 6pm the only exit/entrance is a single door of with 70cm.

The toilet does not fit a wheel chair but has disability hand rails but there is an accessible toilet in the shopping centre (approx 30m) which closes at 6pm. We have received funding from Creative Informatics in which we will make accessibility improvements to our space including to the toilet.

Community Wellbeing Space,
Westside Plaza Shopping Centre,
Wester Hailes Road, EH14 2SW

All activities are FREE
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