Questioning Wellbeing and Practicing Together
For nearly a year now we have been coming together twice a month around questions of who is wellbeing for. We carve out this time and connection from a structurally unjust world in order to imagine and move towards a more just world. Wester Hailes was built on foundations of inequality, people are often treated as disposable.

Early on it was clear that our ideas of wellbeing as a group were not individual and easily solved through products, that community and togetherness were central. This is when community wellbeing became our anchor and we became the Community Wellbeing Collective.

We began cooking together, we ate together, we spent time together, we stretched, we walked, we played, we crafted, we listened, we wrote, we built, we painted, we read, we grew together. We have been relating to each other by sharing memories and questions, our skills, our needs, our fears, and our desires. Through this process we learn to be vulnerable with each other and to hold space for difference, to see more clearly how our urgencies are intertwined.

Community Wellbeing Space,
Westside Plaza Shopping Centre,
Wester Hailes Road, EH14 2SW

All activities are FREE
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